August 2017


Phillipa Lepley Dress of the Week - couture tulle full dress with corset, sparkly top and coloured pink sash

Our wedding dress of the week is the ‘Toulouse Twinkle’, styled here with a diamante tulle cap sleeved top:


A beautiful and completely unique look for a bride looking for something extremely elegant and magical.


The Toulouse Twinkle lace dress is made up of layer upon layer of tulle and lace, resulting in a full-skirted, fairytale-shape silhouette. A simple tulle bodice sits off the shoulder, over a hidden Phillipa Lepley signature corset. Here it is worn with a pale pink silk sash at the waist.


The removable diamante tulle top with a ‘boat neckline’ has cap sleeves and fastens at the base of the back, with silk tulle ties.



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