“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Phillipa Lepley Couture Wedding Dress Designer London UK Silk Crepe Plain Long Train Corseted Wedding Dress Strapless


Subtle, body-sculpting corsetry is an art form, and one that Phillipa Lepley and her talented team have perfected over three decades, resulting in the most flattering of silhouettes for every client.

A custom-made corset is the foundation for every dress, meticulously tailored to each person’s unique shape over the course of several fittings. The atelier’s highly-skilled seamstresses create specially designed corsets that can reduce the waist by a minimum of two inches, ensuring the most beautiful silhouette and a dress that fits like a second skin.

Phillipa Lepley Couture Wedding Dress Strapless

“Luxury is reaching the right balance between all elements...understated drama."


“The key of brilliant corsetry; a fit that's beyond measure in its ability to define and flatter the female form.”



Phillipa Lepley’s bespoke dress service ensures that every client walks away with a one-of-a-kind couture creation, designed to flatter and flow with every curve of her body.

The beauty of bespoke wedding and couture dresses lies in an absolute commitment to perfection. During the course of multiple, meticulous appointments, each one a joyous and exciting affair, a client’s body is used as a guide, millimetre by millimetre to create the line most suited to her shape. Every dress is handmade in London and develops organically during this time. Phillipa Lepley and her team offer unparalleled expertise and service, combined with a passion for design and an incredible eye for detail. A bespoke couture gown is unique, unforgettable, breathtaking, the very epitome of elegance.

“I’m proud to say my dresses are utterly bespoke and will stand the test of time, to look as beautiful in 50 years time as they do today”