Phillipa Lepley Real Bride Georgina High Neck Wedding Dress With Cap Sleeves


Georgina married at Sherborne Abbey in a Phillipa Lepley couture wedding dress in September, having pushed back the date of her wedding due to coronavirus.


“We were due to get married in July and we moved our day to September. We were still a little unsure if September would happen, as clearly it was becoming more and more clear than nothing was a given in 2020, and quite literally anything could happen. We cautiously proceeded…”


“Laura was my designated PL member and she was absolutely fantastic. We kept in regular contact even when the shop was closed in the depths of lockdown. The team worked so hard and nothing was ever a bother. We were about one third of the way through our fittings when lockdown occurred. The team worked really hard and as soon as we could we met up again very safety and securely to continue our fittings.”


Phillipa Lepley Real Bride Georgina High Neck Wedding Dress With Cap Sleeves


“We ended up having a beautiful day, in the sunshine at Sherborne Abbey and our home in Dorset. The sun shone and although we were restricted to 30 people it was a uniquely intimate and special day. I was particularly mindful that our service was in Sherborne Abbey which was a large space to fill with few guests and no singing to fill the silence – the dress had quite a big job to hold it’s own whilst maintaining the effortless gracefulness which had drawn me to Phillipa Lepley dresses in the first place. Needless to say, it achieved this with ease and oozed impact forming my perfect couture dress.”


“On the wedding day I felt the best form of myself that could possibly be achieved! The morning of the wedding I was overwhelmingly relaxed and just excited to get into the dress. I had very few nerves – the dress gave me such confidence, I felt we knew each other so well so when I put it on it was a little like putting on your favourite comfort blanket on the inside whilst looking quite the opposite on the outside! I had kept it a total surprise from everyone apart from my mother so it was a wonderful surprise to show everyone.”


“When the doors opened after the ceremony, all our family and friends who could not come inside the church were waiting lining the path with confetti – all the colours seemed that much brighter and all the smiles seemed that much bigger. It was a magical moment, and rather unique to these times.”


Phillipa Lepley Real Bride Georgina High Neck Wedding Dress With Cap Sleeves


Georgina wore a custom Phillipa Lepley wedding dress and silk tulle veil, carefully refined and developed with her over her fittings. The corseted bodice was moulded to Georgina’s frame, creating the immaculate base structure and silhouette for the hand embroidery of the bodice to be placed over.


Every motif within the ‘Margaux’ embroidery is carefully positioned to ensure that the overall placement compliments the bride’s frame and proportions perfectly. Florals including Maiden’s Fern, Primroses and Orchids entwined over the high neck and capped sleeves of Georgina’s wedding dress, finished at the waist with an organically shaped edge. A clever symmetrical placement through the back neckline perfectly framed the button finishing.


A crisp, satin organza overlay through the full, A line skirt of Georgina’s dress created a dramatic and grand silhouette that suited her cathedral ceremony beautifully, yet kept a light, airy feeling that complimented Georgina’s petite frame. At the back of the skirt, a deep box pleat through the train of the dress gave added detail to the silhouette.


Phillipa Lepley Real Bride Georgina High Neck Wedding Dress With Cap Sleeves


For her veil, Georgina wanted to create something that recorded her and her husband’s special day, as well as start a canvas for future family to do the same. The Phillipa Lepley team hand embroidered Georgina’s wedding date, and her and her husband’s initials into her silk tulle veil, thereby starting a new family tradition – something that can be added to by each future family member who wears it – a true heirloom piece, carrying the memories of each celebration with it.


Georgina continues,“My Phillipa Lepley appointment was my first one, and I did have others booked in, but I never got to them! As soon as we were in the door I knew we had found the place I would find my dress. I always knew I wanted an elegant, timeless, British made wedding dress.”


“The whole process of choosing a dress and having it made was so personal. I was a little overwhelmed with the thought of choosing ‘THE’ dress that would be the ‘ONE’ for me. I had never thought about what a big decision it was but it suddenly dawned on me it was rather important! I didn’t have a clear image in my mind, so I was very open to being guided by Phillipa and the team.”


Phillipa Lepley Real Bride Georgina High Neck Wedding Dress With Cap Sleeves


“The team spent a lot of time building a picture of me as a person, finding out lots about the wedding day itself and the service. They then suggested 3 or 4 different designs to try on, and my dress ended up being the first dress I tried on! It was stunning and all I could have hoped for! I was sold in two minutes and I could not resist the exquisite hand embroidery on the bodice and the delicate capped sleeves and neck details.”


“I must also mention the beautiful corsetry – it was exquisite and unbelievably comfortable. It held me in so beautifully all day, and it was like putting on a pair of your favourite custom-made slippers! There is something so timeless about having traditional corsetry too.”


“I loved watching the dress be lovingly constructed, inter-twining with me at every fitting. The attention to detail and the shear engineering that went it to all the measurements and precise detail was incredible to see. The dress literally became part of me over the weeks, and it was surprisingly emotional to see it finished.”


Phillipa Lepley Real Bride Georgina High Neck Wedding Dress With Cap Sleeves

“It was such a journey! My mother and I felt rather sad to bid farewell to the team at my final fitting – they looked after us so well and they were so unbelievably clever. We were rather in awe.”


“The Phillipa Lepley team also did the most beautiful hand embroidery for my veil which included our date. They were brilliant and left the final date right to the last minute in case for any unforeseen circumstances!”


“Go to Phillipa Lepley for unrivalled British perfection with intricate, timeless, elegance. The service is second to none from start to finish – pandemic or not! They really do bring the most beautiful parts to the fore front of your soul and make it in dress form!”


Phillipa Lepley is widely recognised as being the leading British couture wedding dress designer. Her wedding dress shop in London, Chelsea, has over 50 dresses, all of which have been made in England from start to finish at her atelier.